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Gwendolyn Coy
DMMF 2 & 3




DMMF 2 & 3
Alycia Severson
Career and College Readiness English

Career and College Readiness English

English 4

Career and College Readiness English

Career and College Readiness English

Career and College Readiness English

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Standard 1: Integrated Curriculum / Projects

These assignments were integrated through the English 4 & the Career & College Readiness English classes. Twelfth grade English students wrote a poem in their class then create a poster that reflected the meaning of their poem.
The student in both classes create a list of English grammar errors then they create a poster based on the rules that were hung up around schools to help students with common grammar mistakes.
Curriculum In Action:
CIA visit on March 11, 2016
Ms. Dumas visited the academy and enjoyed seeing the work that the students did for their Grammar Posters and Magazine Covers. The Grammar Posters were done in Photo Shop and they were imaginative and well balanced in color and style. These were very impressive projects that Ms. Coy should be proud of her instruction and learners. It was a pleasure to partake in viewing the work. Ms. Coy was kind enough to share the posters to help the Campbell Middle School students.
Curriculum In Action:

Standard 2: Career Focus
The 9th-12th grade students utilized their graphic design skills to design a car and a shoe in Photoshop
Alyssa Hooper car.jpgCar future.jpgJakob's Car.jpg

Blur.jpgboot.jpggrave digger shoe.jpg

The 9th-12th grade students utilized their graphic design skills to find an empty item and fill it with 10 things. When finished the item should look real.
room-amber rumer.jpgroom-faith justice.jpgroom-naomi westbrook.jpg

The industry certification was given in Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. Level 1 students took the Photoshop CC exam. Level 2 & 3 students took the Photoshop CC, InDesign, & Illustrator exams.
Standard 3: Program of Study

Standard 4: Advisory Committee

Standard 5: Enrollment

Standard 6: Pure Schedule

Standard 7: Common Planning / Collaboration
Met with Ms. Severson on a few occasions to discuss integrated projects
Meetings occurred during lunch
9/12/15, 11/12/15, 1/21/16, 2/18/16
Standard 8: Staff Development
Summer workshop for Academy Directors, 8/2015
DMMD Curriculum Mapping & EOC Review, 9/17 & 9/18/2015
Academy Directors Meeting, 10/16/15, 1/28/16, 3/8/16
Program Review - Instructional Materials Discussion, 1/27/16
Digital Media/Multimedia Program Review, 3/3/ - 3/4/2016
Standard 9: Articulation
Ms. Coy is sharing the Kid Friendly Vocabulary Posters as part of the collaboration and articulation with Campbell Middle School's students.
Ms. Dumas talks to the 8th grade students about the Career Academy to the feeder middle schools.
High School Showcase Dec. 2015
Standard 10: Workbased Learning
12th grade student - designed a flyer for the district college and career expo
College Expo flyer.jpg
12th grade student - won a logo design contest for Volusia AFL-CIO
Joseph Coschignano - AFL-CIO.jpg
12th grade student's flyer was selected by the chorus teacher to advertise a fundraiser to raise money for the program
chorus flyer.jpg
12th grade student designed a t-shirt that was selected by the senior class as the Class of 2016 shirt
2016 senior black tshirt - Eric Graham.jpg
12th grade student designed a flyer for a Black History Oratorical Contest
2016 Black History Program.jpg
12th grade student designed a flyer for a jean and sock drive that would benefit the homeless
Jean Drive.jpg
12th grade student won the 50th Science & Engineering Fair logo contest
Alexi Saliba SHS Science Fair Logo.jpg
12th grade student won the 50th Science & Engineering Fair poster contest
poster resized.jpg
11th grade student was a co-winner for Literacy Fair T-shirt contest
Literacy Shirt Maria Byars Grade 11 Seabreeze High School.jpg
The 2016 prom invite was designed by two 12th grade students
prom invitation 2016 star wars.jpg
Standard 11: Capstone Project
The capstone projects were completed by 8 ninth graders, 14 tenth grades, & 6 eleventh & 3 twelfth graders

Below are the grading rubrics for the capstone projects:

Standard 12: Marketing
academy logo.jpg
High School Showcase 12/10/15
high school expo 1.jpghigh school expo 2.jpg
Both eleventh & twelfth graders designed the 2015-16 Academy Brochures

Both eleventh & twelfth graders designed the 2015-16 Academy Flyers
AWDD flyer Marina Arcuri.jpg Taddea Prazina 2016 SHS Academy Flyer.jpg

AWDD group photo.JPG
AWDD group photo with shirts
library display 1.jpg
8th grade registration at Seabreeze High School
Final Evaluation:
No Level Met